Managers, Automate Your Performance Reviews with my 9 Box Maker

Max Brawer
2 min readDec 8, 2021

Hello my friends in the world of performance reviews! Happy review season. If you’re in a large enterprise, you may be the type to build 9 blocks (or 9 boxes) for use in your performance process — big matrices of talent rated on a performance & potential scale.

I got into People Analytics after teaching my Excel Course, “Page Down For What?”, and catching the attention of tired HR folks who spent hours clicking names into grids and resizing slideshows every performance cycle. I went to automate them back then and now I am doing it for everyone in the world (with Google Sheets access) here. Please download it here on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

More About the App:

Make attractive 9 Block (or 9 Box) graphics automatically from Sheet rows of simple performance data. You can then copy the formatted output for use elsewhere like Docs & Slides. Take your HR performance rating data (or any 1-3 x 1-3 scales) and simply paste them into the input sheet. The app automatically formats a clean and colorful 9 Block matrix for you to then copy and paste into any other Docs or Slides you'd like!

9 blocks will automatically resize to adjust for your data - no need to fuss with any templates.

Automate the most frustrating part of your performance review process and get hours of your time back. Automatic 9 blocks and automatic 9 boxes from your simple 1-3 performance review data. Save your team hundreds of hours spent clicking, reformatting, copying, and finessing into slideshows.

Purchasing a License

The app is currently priced at $24 dollars for an individual user for a year of use (think of all the review cycles!).

Enterprise users: please reach out to to discuss bulk pricing.

To purchase: to keep it simple, I have set up payment to work through 3 platforms for now. Choose one, pay $24 (or otherwise discussed price) and please put the email in the notes field that you wish to license.


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