How to Fetch Employee Data from Workday by Building the Great Deku Tree Inside of Google Sheets

  • Receiving an UGLY_CSV_11_21_2021 in the mail each week
  • Finding the person who stores people data informally in some spreadsheet with the names likely spelled wrong
  • Simply being told no, you don’t have access to that information.

Step 1: The Sounds of Workforce Data

Step 2: Choose a Character

Step 3: You Know That Joke About How Programming is Just Googling?

  • Set div to full size of page
  • Typewriter effect no javascript
  • Autoplay sound in web app
  • Can’t autoplay sound in web app workarounds
  • Rounded corners css??

Step 4: Weapon Select

Step 5: Hookshot into Workday

And Finally, Let’s Play!

The Product Itself!



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Max Brawer

Max Brawer

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